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8 for Wordpress 2.6.0
Posted by Kelvin C. on 08 December 2015 10:38 PM

We're pleased to announce the release of 2.6.0. Here are some highlights for this release:


  • Add money request feature to allow admin to send money request notifications
  • Add affiliate integration to allow integration with other plugins
  • Make invoice term configurable


  • Update payment processing URLs to new Akamai transaction URLs
  • Add currently being used payment processing URLs on general settings
  • Add check boxes and radio buttons to survey builder
  • Add shortcode to show transaction history for the loggedin user
  • Add new interface for payment methods selection on checkout page for better UI
  • Include additional tokens for email notification template
  • Add full name as desired name when creating a new user
  • Update admin pages styling
  • Update "FraudStop" function for service timeout
  • Add wait overlay which conceal submit button after click to prevent double submission

Bugs Fixes:

  • Fix for return to originating page on variable payment failure
  • Replace native php mail() to wp_mail function on general settings
  • Fix XSS vulnerability by adding esc_url to add_query_arg
  • Replace jQuery references with WP built in jQuery
  • Fix string escaping for survey builder page
  • Fix email sender name for wp_mail
  • Display the subscription id on transaction summary page if there is one
  • Update CCV popup image to fix misspelled 'Matercard' word
  • Make 'Card Number' label bold
  • Fix PHP 'Notice' on admin pages see

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