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31 for WordPress 2.5.1
Posted by Daniel Watrous on 31 December 2013 11:39 AM

We're pleased to announce the release of 2.5.1. Here are some highlights for this release:


  • Add setting to change the money symbol
  • Add additional charge feature to collect any additional fee, such as surcharge or shipping
  • Add coupon code feature to reduce price of one time payments by either a fixed amount or a percentage
  • Implement fraud prevention mechanism to cut down the fraudulent credit card attempts. More details here:
  • Add minimal checkout feature to streamline the checkout process when address isn't required


  • Allow administrator to enable/disable the ability to cancel a subscription
  • Synchronize files to both child & parent theme
  • Enhance list of available subscriptions by grouping variable & normal subscriptions
  • Add user's IP address to user subscription page & forward it to
  • Display current date-time on log page as a reference for server time
  • Add option to turn off drop-down on variable payment
  • Ensure proper display when paging through user subscriptions

Bugs Fixes:

  • Fix WordPress 3.6 upgrade and jquery issues
  • Fix style for buy now button
  • Replace native php mail() to wp_mail function
  • Fix SESSION failure by adding proper safeguards

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